• Composer:

    Armando Trovajoli
  • Première:

    Stagione S.Cecilia - Nuovo Auditorium (Parco della Musica)
  • Soloist:

    Massimo Quarta
  • Year:

  • Movements:

    Parade - Il mago - Puppet
    Pas de deux
    Allegro - Interludio - Allegro con brio


Why Puppet?
Simple: the composer, fond of ballets (many of them have been musically realized in the various musical comedies), has thought to write a Scherzo for violin, strings, piano and percussions, imagining some choreographic pictures interpreted by various puppets, marionettes, puppets, characters invented by the fantasy of a violinist, magician and sorcerer who, through his virtuosities and an orchestra that follows him with identical crazy bravura, gives life to his PUPPETS in a joyful choreographic movement.
They are animated, colorful, funny, sometimes pathetic, unreal if you will, which should express today, the joy of living, escaping from a world of fear and extreme uncertainty.
Edit by Ricordi for violin, string orchestra, piano and percussion.


"...because more beautiful than being a musician, there is nothing... there is nothing!

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